My Personal Goals

My first goal would have to be that I would pay more attention in class. Now, what I mean by paying attention is that I already pay attention, but I don't look at the person who is speaking because of my ADHD. My second goal would be to become an artist. I am going to be an artist when I grow up because I don't mind getting messy, and I love being creative. When I say I want to be an artist, my ideas are practically unlimited, because I could pursue music, pottery, painting, designing and so many more! My third goal would have to be learning even more instruments like the guitar, piano, and a tuba. My fourth goal would have to be to be an intern at my dad's work for an entire year. Fifth goal, my fifth goal would be that I will be a really good ice skater because I think it would be cool to know how to ice skate. A sixth goal would be 

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